Vegas - we are coming! Meet us at Studio B.2012-01-10

Sleeping for only a few days and the Internext Expo in Las Vegas open their doors for great business and time to get in touch with a lot of cool people of the adult industry. This will be a great and exciting journey over the big sea - having fun and doing great business. We are again proud to be one of the main sponsors at the Internext in Las Vegas with Saboom.

Where can we get in touch?
Everywhere! But we also have a huge Saboom Lounge and a presentation room (Studio B) where we can meet up and show you new ideas and new possibilities with interactive porn or get in touch with us via mail:

meetings [at]

In Studio B we are going to present you a tubesite monetization concept several times during the whole expo. If you want to experience an interactive Saboom demo just visit us at the room Studio B and we will be happy to show you what Saboom can do for you.

We hope to see you there, have a save and great trip. We are looking forward to get to know you.